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Iowa's Best Internet Links

The Best of Iowa - We're back!

Each week, Iowa Online (sm) awards a web site in Iowa the recognition of being one of the best Internet sites in the state. Sites are variously selected on the basis of content, presentation (design and impact), or importance.

New sites will be awarded every Wednesday after September 1, 1996.

1995 winners:

Freese-Notis Weather ---
Freese-Notis is an Iowa company that analyzes and distributes weather information on the Internet. They are one of the first companies to use the web for the delivery of commercial weather content development. (You can also select the RAGBRAI link for a more detailed weather map of Iowa on the map to get the National Weather Service forcast for an individual county.)

Geological Survey Bureau ---
A great resource for information about Iowa. There is lots to explore below the surface. Check out the "Browse Area", especially.

@griculture Online ---
Meredith Corporation's first web-based publication. A good blend of graphic design and useful information for people interested in Agriculture.

Iowa Internet Sites ---
Steve Elbert started keeping track of Internet sites and servers around Iowa and has maintains a comprehensive list of Internet resources by catagory and location. This list was the springboard and inspiration for the Iowa Internet Links index maintained by Iowa Online (sm) and we greatfully acknowledge his contributions.

Congratulations to the winners!

Questions and Answers

How is a site chosen?

Sites are selected by a panel of judges who monitor the list of Iowa Internet Links on the Iowa Online server and other major servers around the state. (Be sure to get yourself indexed on this list if you want the best chance of being considered.)

Can I nominate a site that's not on the list?

Yes...some awards will go to indiviudal home pages which are not the focus of the list. If your organization, company, or event would like to be nominated for this award, however, you should register your site using the online submission form or you can send an e-mail message listing your organization's name, address, phone number, e-mail address(es), the http address, and a description of your web site to

You may also mail this information in a letter to:

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